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Personal Loans

Want to know how to apply for short term personal loans in Australia? There are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, you need to understand the amount that you need. You should never borrow more than you need. How long do you need to repay the loan. You need to work out how much you can repay each pay period. It is better to do have loan repayment which you know you can manage and then repay more if you can.

What documents do I need?

Once you have determined this, there are a number of documents which you will need to gather. All lenders will have different requirements. However, there are a few documents which are common to nearly all lenders.

Firstly, you need to provide a payslip. This is to prove that you have an income and that you can repay the loan. It is common that will need to also prove that you have held a job for a certain period of time. This can be as little as 3 months.

Next, you need to provide sufficient documents to prove your identity. In Australia, this is generally known as the 100 point check. These requirements can slightly vary between states however these are generally the same.

You also need to provide proof of your address. In the digital age where email and texts rule our lives this may seem unnecessary. However, on occasion, document need to be sent to your home address. Consequently, you will generally be required to provide a document which has your home address on it. A utility bill such as an electricity bill or internet bill is a good choice.

Are they other requirements?

At Instant Cash Online, there are a number of other requirements that you need to meet before you can apply for the loans. You must:

• be an eligible Australian resident

• be 18 years and above.

• have an income by way of employment

•  have a mobile number and email address

Once you have met the above criteria, then the application can begin. This involves:

1. Fill in your Personal Information.

You will provide your details such as the email address, the amount that you need to apply, your full personal names and address details.

2. Fill in the Employer Information

For the short term personal loans, you will be required to provide the employer to ascertain that you are employed. This requirement is where you are needed to give the payslip that is valid.

3. Fill in the Bank Information

Our payments are usually remitted through the bank, therefore you will need to provide your bank details.

If you are considering a short term personal loan then Instant Cash Online may meet your lending needs. Contact us today or click on the link here to start your loan application.