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When looking for the quick loans online that you can apply at Instant Cash Online for an easy to get short term loan. We are one of Australia’s lending small loan lenders and have been dealing with everyday Australians for many years looking for short term finance.

Fast, Friendly Service

We are known be fast, friendly and working with our customers to understand their situation. This is because we enable you to complete your application completely online. Usually it takes less than five minutes and then you’re on your way. Our application procedures for the cash loans online are very simple so you can gain access to cash without any hustle within hours. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

There are things that you need to know before you can apply the loans with us.

 Quick Loans Online

The application procedures are very easy to use. Instant cash online loans is usually applied and processed through our online platform. This is a paperless and electronic system. 

The quick loans online that you apply for do not require to have any collateral or security for you to qualify. That is why we normally use the loan limit basis to determine how much you qualified for. 

What’s the most that you can borrow?

We operate using our lending criteria. Using this, we are able to determine the maximum amount of cash that you can apply for from $300 to $2,000.

Reimbursement Methods.

We have adjustable payment options that you can select when it comes to repayment of the loans that you have borrowed from us.  It’s important that your loans are paid with time this is so to prevent you being penalised due to the late payments. This will help you to avoid missed payment fees which make your payment to be very expensive.

Charges that you will incur

There is an establishment fee and an ongoing monthly fee. The establishment fee is  20% of the principal amount that you have borrowed. A  monthly fee charges of 4% of the principal amount borrowed. There is no interest on the loan. To find out more about how the loans work you can contact on our friendly and qualified staff today.

Getting access to quick loans online could never be easier. Start an application today for a no obligation free quote.