Same Day Loans Online In Australia

Same Day Loans

Instant Cash Online has always been the place to come for help when looking for same day loans online. We have provided loans to thousands of Australia. And we have over 7 years experience in the lending industry.

Same Day Loans

At Instant Cash Online we offer online same day loans in the fastest way possible. That is why we are a preferred lender for many everyday Australians looking for help with their lending needs. 

Fast online application 

We have developed a fast and simple process to apply for loan. Our online application can be completed in as little as five minutes. Everything you need can be done online. And you can complete your application on any device.  

Before you start

Before you start your application there are a few things you should know.  If you are a new user, you will need to provide identity document. This is so we know who you are and that you are a real person. You will also need to provide us with a evidence of your income. This is usually a payslip. You can upload a copy or take a picture and upload it.

You will also need to provide us with copy of your most recent bank statements for the last 90 days. To make this process easy, we use technology from Proviso to help you gather your bank statement quickly.

Instant Cash

As our name suggests, instant cash online allows you to get your cash after your loan has been approved within the same day. This is due to the our fast processing that allows us to transfer cash straight away. This allows us to approve the loans that you have applied for in the fastest way possible. 

Start an application today or contact us to find out more.